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The Orchid Legacy: A Father and Son's Journey to Cultivate Beauty and Sustainability

Once upon a time, in the beautiful highlands of Duc Trong, Lam Dong, there was a family farm spread over an area of more than 7000 square meters. The farm was primarily dedicated to the cultivation of the stunning and delicate Phalaenopsis orchids.


The family farm was started by a visionary and hardworking father, who spent countless hours toiling in the fields, planting and nurturing the orchids to perfection. His dedication and passion for farming inspired his son, who was studying mechatronic engineering in Germany at the time. Despite being immersed in the world of technology, the son's heart yearned to become a farmer and carry on his father's legacy.


Upon returning to Vietnam, the son put his engineering skills to use, and started building automatic systems and machines to assist in the cultivation of the orchids. With his expertise, the farm was transformed into a modern, efficient, and sustainable enterprise, which not only produced an abundance of beautiful orchids but also upheld environmental standards.


The father and son duo worked tirelessly to expand the farm, introducing new varieties of orchids and exotic plants. They started with the Phalaenopsis orchids, which are known for their exquisite beauty, despite their lack of fragrance. The farm was a thriving hub of activity, buzzing with workers, machines, and the delicate beauty of the orchids.


Despite the technological advancements, the father and son never lost sight of the essence of farming. They knew that the key to success lay in nurturing and respecting the land, and the life it sustained.


As the farm flourished and continued to evolve, the father and son looked forward to passing on their legacy to future generations. They hoped that their farm would inspire and empower others to pursue their dreams, and to cultivate a deep connection with the land and the life it sustains.

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